For over 20 years, we have been the main OEM & ODM manufacturer for a number of renowned faucets brands. The production of OEM faucet parts has always been our company’s key strength. 

We manage the complete supply chain from beginning to end, which means we can handle every single step of the process. We handle all of the secondary outsource operations, such as plating and polishing and we specialize in a variety of CNC machining. Then, we ship the finished parts back to our company for final assembly and inspection. We have great teams that we have partnered with, and we are proud of the services we offer to our customers.

Along with experience and capabilities accumulated, in our recent years, we have stayed focused on developing No lead Brass, Stainless Steel faucet series and parts, allowing us to achieve the next highest standard of crafts.

We are devoted to providing safe and clean water with genuine SS304 stainless steel faucets for your kitchen. We are your kitchen water solution.